so my parents found out about my SI’ing like a month ago so i havent self injured since then sometimes i feel that urge to si again and then i think how hurting myself really didnt end the problem it just made me feel good at the time then a few hours later the pain returned. ive noticed how happy i am now that ive stoped its not easy but i have faith in all of you people on here who do SI if you have the help from your friends and family it might help more than you relize. if you already have their support and you feel the same try finding that one person who you can talk to . i hope you all can find the power to stop. im not saying im completly done with self injury cause im not sure what my future holds for me but i just want all of you to know you can get threw the hard times, and look forward to a brighter future =) it might take more work than you think but one day you can say you won your fight against your worries, fears, and your self injurious behaviour if you ever need someone to talk im here =)