at the age of twelve i began injuring an order to cope with my dis-functional life.from the day i was born my life was anything but typical and i have all ways had to struggle.i have had to suffer years and years of every single type of abuse at the hands of family after a long day at school and home alone i grabbed a sharp iteam to experience a numbing sensation.from that moment on i have not been able to stop the erg to do this self destructive behavior.after trying to gett away from my insane life i decided to move in with a distant aunt were i had to face more sexual that point my habit had been the worse than ever day would consist mostly of injuring or the thought of ,no matter where or when i had always desired i am 18 almost 19 i still struggle with it epically considering my circumstances but i am proud to say i haven’t been.its been about three weeks sense and i am relieved but its diffucult cause every day seems like it brings about more issues.its like i learning how to feel again and epically things that i for sure dont want to feel.some times i wounder how i have made it this far from not injuring. if you have any comments or suggestions please comment