Sorry, this is just a poem I’ve been writing. I’m kinda spilling my guts, my innermost thoughts. Sorry if it sucks, lol.

You betrayed me,
Abused my trust,
You villified me,
Demonized me,
Cast me as the sinner,
And yourself as the saint.

When the truth became clear,
And the lies were exposed,
You refused to believe them,
Pretending you didn’t know.

I meant nothing to you,
and probably never did,
You lead me on,
Played me as the fool,
Knowing darn well what you did.

You left a path of destruction
At least a mile wide,
And in the wreckage,
In the mess,
You still didn’t care,
Leaving out all the rest.

As the dust settles slowly,
And my heart begins to heal,
You take it,
You break it,
And you never even care.

All the things I thought I knew,
all the trust I put in you,
You shattered it,
Into a million pieces of glass,
And don’t have the decency
To try and put it all back.

You could right your wrongs,
forget and move on,
But you are too righteous,
You did nothing wrong.

You are as cold
as the arctic winter wind,
You never look back,
Never atone for your sins.
Because in the end,
When it’s all said and done,
I never meant anything to you,
You used me for your pleasure,
And threw me away
When you for what you wanted,
When I could give no more.

I’m trying to move on,
Forget the ghosts from my past,
But they keep coming back to haunt me,
How much longer can I run?

It becomes so exhausting,
Trying to decipher the truth from the lies,
I just want you away from me,
Forever gone.
I meant nothing to you,
You manipulated me,
And now in turn,
You mean nothing to me.

The truth is hard to handle,
But the truth will set you free,
You know nothing of the truth,
Only lies and deceit.
You played your game,
And you played it well,
You had us all fooled,
Especially me.

I find it hard to tell you,
hard for me to express,
How much you hurt me,
How the lies broke my heart,
How I feel I have nothing left.
Nothing left to give,
Nothing left to offer,
I can only bear my soul,
Nothing more, nothing less.

Life might be a drama,
And all the world’s a stage,
But this is one charade,
I will no longer take part in.
I cannot stand to keep pretending
that everything’s okay.
When on the inside,
All I see are shades of blue and gray.

Sometimes sunlight peeks through,
and offers me some hope,
Hope that there’s something better than this,
That this will not last forever.
You damaged my trust,
betrayed what once was,
But I will not let you break me,
give you the upper hand.
No longer will you control me,
dictate my thoughts and mood,
You are gone from my life,
And I feel no remorse.

I spoke my mind,
and was reprimanded,
Abandoned by most,
But through all the lies,
Finally comes the truth