i just talked to my friend earlier tonight and i havent talked to him in a while. i used to tell him about everything. and he confessed to me that he used to get so upset at what i told him that he started to SI as well. he doesnt do it anymore but i still feel so horrible right now. i just wanna Si so bad. i should have just went to a counseler instead of oversharing my life with him. it makes me wonder if theres such a thing as trusting somebody too much. ive isolated myself from people i care about for so long, i dont even know where the line is between trust and over share anymore. alot of of the lines in my life have been drastically blurred lately. the line between love and hate, right and wrong, self sacrifice and self destruction. i dont know where i stand anymore, or where im supose to. being a Jehovah’s Witness, at times like this id usually pray about it.  but god must be so ashamed in me right now, i dont even think i can….