I just discovered this site and blog. I was hoping maybe you all would be able to help me. I’ve been SIing since i was 16…now i’m 22 and i know i should be stronger than i was then but i’m not, at least not when it comes SI. i don’t do it all the time but i definately know the triggers. failed relationships, lonliness, lack of self esteem, and today i felt a total disconnect from everyone around me, i felt completely numb to everything. i know i shouldn’t still feel the way i did back then i should’ve outgrown it. things change and i’ve changed but i still harbor those insecurities and self doubt. i’ve never told anyone that i SI until now. i know i need to, maybe it would help, but i don’t want to burden my family or friends with it. who do i tell? i want to get help. i just don’t know how.