I ran out of my session w/my shrink today because all I felt like she was doing was judging me. It felt as if she joined everyone else I know who judges me because I don’t have the money, the car, or any other material thing in the world which makes a person a person. Everyone is so much more superior than I am. She asked me if I’ve been injuring myself and I told her no, but I know what she was really thinking. I don’t care about anything anymore because no matter where I am the person I’m with will always be superior. I’ve thought about getting back in touch with a friend of mine just because I don’t care she always shows me whose the boss and who’s better. I want to self-injure over the weekend because I feel that’s the only thing that will not let me down. I am not going back to therapy because I’m just sick and tired of being put in my place all the time. Listen when I was born all my rights got taken away from what I eat to what I thought I had to live by their rules and nothing I said mattered because I was too young to know the difference. Maybe I should just say to everyone I’m too stupid you’re always right and I’m always wrong. I give up I can’t do this anymore I might as well just live how I’ve been by myself with no contact to the outside world at all. I just want to self-destruct to the pint where no one would care about being around let’s face no one is here anyway so I won’t be hurting anyone that matters. RIGHT!?