I would like to get on here and say that I have a ton of support from all of my friends. I would love to say that when I get the urge to SI that I have someone that I trust that I can turn to. I would love to say that my mom knows and cares. As much as I would like to say these things, I can’t. I have read a couple posts on here and I see that people talk about how they have been having a bad week or month and I completely get that. I have been a slave to SI for about 4 years I would say. I started in 6th grade, though I would say the past 2 years (08 and 09) have been the worst for me. I have tried to talk to my mother about this before and she knows that I SI myself and she does not stop me and she just thinks that I do it for attention. #1 I just think that is ignorant and of course that is not the reason and #2 I find this completely garbage since she SI’d when she was a teen as well.  I dont have friends that I can confide in and even when I did all I got was maybe some fake sympathy or they would completely just ignore it. No one even bothers to care or pretend to care about me and what I do which is one of my triggers among many.  I dont mean to dump so much of this out but there is no way else to get it out of my system. I dont know what I can do. Sometimes I just feel so little and so helpless.