I think that some of my root triggers have been my lowest points and the fact that I have not let them go. That is where so much of my inner-hatred and i suppose you could call it self loathing has come from. Where my feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness come from, and I am sure that others out there feel the same way. The past is something that you want to forget, but you never can. Especially with the marks from the SI that put those bad memories in your DNA.

When I started this blog, I listed some of my lowest points, but then i got to thinking, why dump that on all of you who are already dealing with so much? My lowest points wont help you and I realized I was writing my lowest points more for my advantage to get them out there rather than to help one of you.  Who knows, I may end up posting a blog containing my lowest points and one of you will be able to relate to one of them and we can talk. It helps to talk about things with people who can relate I think. That is where the second part of my blog comes into play. The listening ears. I have been through just about everything you can go through and am still going through so much. I am here for anyone who needs to talk. I am good with advice and listening, or so I am told so I just wanted to let you know that I am here for anyone who wants to talk about anything and I will not judge. If I help just one person or am here for just one person, than I will know this blog was not a complete waste of your time.