i have more than enough support from my boyfriend, and my friends but no matter how much they try to help me i keep turning back to SI’ing , im begenning to think i dont matter like no one would care if i dissapeared and i feel so stupid and useless all the time. i dont understand why i cant just stop its like i want to stop SI’ing but i cant bring myself to it. and i no that my friends are trying to understand but its like the more they try the more annoyed i get and it makes me want to self injure more.

On top of all that my sister told my parents about my self injuring problem they fliped my dad told me i was useless and to get out and never come back but my mom told him that she wouldent let him kick me out so now im sitting in my room crying my eyes out im such a dissapointment to everyone now. my parents wont even look at me. they dont get what im going threw to them teenagers have nothing to worrie about but grades. but if they really knew what i go threw they probaly would think its all their fault why i SI so im glad they dont have a clue.

 i just dont know what ill do i cant stand all this i want to leave soo much but i dont know where ill go and with my luck ill never be able to be happy again. i just wish everything would go back to normal but i know it never will.

everything now is my fault and my parents are sending me to thearapy!