Hi it’s been awhile since ive posted. I havet had iteret access. Well at least im not using my phone to get on, so i can type more tha just a few senteces. Well as the title indicates, im doing pretty good. Im engaged. When i met joe, it was really love at first sight. I didntbelieve in such things before, but i cant deny what happened. Well, the weddig is 2 weeks from tomorow. I should be saying that im a little nervious, but im not, it feels right.
As for si, well, im not completely free, but its a work in progress. Ive mostly had urges, hardly any times where i accually si’ed. I am so tired of getig these urges. i wish they’d just go away forever. Thats the only thing i am nervious about, is that i will si, and it will ruin our relationship. The other problem im having is dealing with my scars. i feel like i just poped ou tof some horror flick or something. I hate them, and i hate myself for putting them there. But there is one good thing about them, they are sometimes the reason i dont do it again.
Well i guess other than to say im excited about my upcoming wedding, but frusterated with my urges and scars, i dont have anything else.