Im now 15 i have been self-harming since i was 12. My depression started once i went to high school, i was getting bullied by older girls and at the same time my cousion had cancer. This was the second time it came back. I also had alot on my mind before that as i was adopted when i was a baby. Ive never really came to accepting that i was apopted as it hurts to no that my mother would keep my sister and not me. I have problems sharing my feeling with family and friends so i bottle it all up, this also wont help, i no that i am suffering from a deep depression and i no i need help, im so scared about feeling alone and empty all the time, and rejection its worse all the people i seem to share my story with leave me. I dont no what to do., Please help. I want to be able to help people with self harm i want to be able to say i over came it i want to tell people that “You fought the fight , finnished the race and kept the faith” but to do so i no i need help!