so i feel like i really need help. my names elisabeth and i injure myself. i dont know what to do. I got caught with my injuring because i wrote a note to my friend (who used to injure herself) telling her how i felt and her mother found the note. she then turned the note over to the concler and they called me and my other in and had us all talk for a while. because of me getting caught,my mother is having me take therpy now. but i feel like i lie to my concealer,and i always tell her that i dont want to SI anymore,when its a lie. i do want to injure.   i feel so depreseed all the time, i do think its because i feel like my dad had abandoned me. i loved him and my siblings there,but my step mother made it terrible for me there so bad,that i stopped going to there house and stopped talking to my dad altogether. it been almost 3 years since ive seen him/talked to him now. but my main point is that even though i got caught injuring,i still am. I’m injuring so that no one will see. but i just feel so discused with myself and it makes me feel even worse….

what should i do?

someone help me…..