My best friend just found out of my self injuring. She saw my scars and questioned me about them. What was I suppose to do? It scared me at first at her damanding tone. I told her of my dark past. I told her of my demons. I was shocked she didn’t start yelling like a lot if people do. She then looked at mr with tear filled eyes and said she’ll never leave me alone. She knew that I thought she would and said she wouldn’t. Many friends never said that. If I tell someone they either don’t care, say they’ll pray, or never speak to me again. I was shocked at first but then thankful that I have a true friend.
I also told one of my best friends of my addiction. She reacted the exact same way. I was so shocked that people trully care about me like that. I now know I have friends who care and will never leave me.
I also wanted to share about the person who said the rude and hurtful things. She now tries to talk to me. I don’t reply most of the time. After being told terrible things from her I do not want to talk to her. You know? But at least I didn’t talk bad to her, chew her out, but I’m not going down to her own level.
Wanted to tell people this. It seems there is grass that’s greener.
I might think about tools a lot but I’m not giving in.