If you look in my eyes
you would know I’m about to cry
If you look at the happiest people
you see the darkness in their heart
I see the world
only in a blur
You see the tears that travel down my cheek
that only make a puddle on the ground
You see me smile
if you look in my heart you’d only see sorrow and pain
I hide in the deepest shadows
only not wanting to be seen, found
I run away from the pain, the truth
only wishing to see nothing
I cover my head to keep the monsters from haunting me
wanting to only be alone
My eyes are the path
empty, only seeing the sorrow of the world
Hiding, only wishing things would end
change differently then they are
I cover my mouth
not wanting to scream
Cover my eyes
so I don’t see
I cover from everything
maybe the pain will only end