Today, tomorrow, yesterday.. whatever day it is, it doesn’t matter because its always the same miserable thing, and I absolutely hate it. I can’t stand this anymore, and I don’t know if I can actually keep holding on. I’m hanging by a thread, and its growing ridiculously thin, its about to snap.  its so scary, I’m so afraid, and its miserable. Thats how bad it actually is. I just need a friend, someone to talk to that won’t judge me and understands what I’m going through. I have been SIing lately, which makes me feel better, until I have to hide from everyone. My food issues are also kind of terrifying. My friends mom found out about it last night and flipped out and lectured me out of love, but still it was annoying and scary to me. Someone else called my scholl about it again, which is going to cause my problems that I don’t need… they already want to put me in a mental hospital, but I refuse to go.. not that my opinion really matters anyways because I’m only 15, but whatever I guess. I just don’t know what to do anymore, or where to turn. I’ve been living in a closet for the last few weeks, just so I Can hide and be away from the people who are hurting me. I’m so lonely and sad, and hurting. What should I Do? I don’t know how to keep going on like this. Help…?