forgive me father, it has been months since my last confession..

So now that they’ve found out what’s wrong with me,
can they fix me?

It has been over a month since I last SI. It left a mark. But nobody has noticed yet..

I’m having a really hard time, rebouncing from my last girlfriend..
My best friend and I finally cleared our fight out,
and she’s keeping me safe.

Eating is though, breathing is though.
Sleeping, and using substances is easy.

I want to fill up the emptiness inside.

Tears come running down my face, without reason..

I block people out, more and more every day..

get away from me!! … but please don’t leave me..

I miss you so much,
I’ve even forgotten how you smell,
how your voice sounds..
maybe I could have been something you’d be good at..

I can’t remember the twinkle in your eyes, when you smile..

because you said forever and always..