i recently discovered that i have an STD… so far its been ruining my life. along with having people stop being your friend because of it…. i just cant believe this is happening to me!!! now my own bfs sisters grandma doesnt want me around anybody bc i have it. she thinks ill give it to people which is totally impossible except for special situations. which isnt going to happen. ive been wanting to self injure so bad. ive stopped self injuring for bout 2 years now. but a couple weeks ago i self injured. i just dont know what to do anymore. im running out of medicine and i have to get a new prescription for more meds. they wont allow me to get a refill. which is so stupid…. my bf has been ssupporting me the whole way. even before we got together he didnt care that  i had an STD. right now my bf is the only one that supports me and the only one that i really care about right now…. i dont know what do about getting more medicine bc i dont have health insurance and barely any money….