I dont really know wat to do anymore. i injured on the 15th of dec. im not really sure but i’ve crashed. i was clean from 11-8-08 when my bf at the time made me quit and has been the only person to make me stop or even want to stop.

but when we broke up a  year later i crashed and fell apart. how could i let a guy destroy me so much? but truth is i was broken to begin with, my family is very messed up and broken. so all he did was put me together with glue.  and when he left i fell apart again.

i have injure myself too much. i dont know how to get help and im scared to death to get it. but if i keep going at the rate i am i dont know if i’ll make it till im 18. 

i love myself i do. but right now i cant stand the sight. i know i need help. i just want my old life back.