I’ve read thru some blogs here, and I seem to be a lot older than most of the writers.  I have been injuring myself for 37 years.  That’s right, 37 years.  I’ve been injuring since I was 11, and I’m 48 years old.  I am married and have two children and one grandson.  I have too many scars.  Back in the ’70’s when I started self harming, there were no places like this, and no one understood.  My SI is outrageous and out of hand.  Yesterday, my husband caught me injuring.  He was very upset with me.  He said when I hurt myself, it hurts him too.  I dont quite understand that, but I want to.  I’m at the end of my rope.  I called SAFE three times today, and I sent an email, but I havent heard back yet.  I am hanging on to the thread of a possibility that they might be able to help me.  I want to get better, but I dont know how.  I’ve tried all kinds of ways to stop, but nothing does.  I feel like an addict, like I gotta have my fix.  My husband called me a junkie last night, but I dont abuse substances.  I just injure, and I cant stop.  Please help me.