i feel like i’m losing. everything.
i told my best friend about my si and at first she was confident that i would get through it. now she doesn’t talk to me as much. i feel like i’m losing her.
i’ve already lost everyone i can trust. everyone i thought i could trust opened their mouth and i lost my secret. i didn’t want anyone to know.
i always feel like siing. but i every time i do i regret and hate myself.
i don’t wanna disappoint people. but i am. and it stinks. i just want to stop.
my mom called the counseling center in my town and they said they would call back about setting up an appointment for me. they said that almost 1 1/2 weeks ago and they haven’t called back.
i feel like no one cares anymore. which is why i didn’t want to tell. every time i si it just gets worse.
i keep thinking a can stop.
but i can’t.
i need help.
i want help.
but no one will listen.