This is my first high school year and i transferred in to a new high school recently.ever since i came to the new high school every thing has been drama.first i fall in love with this guy who teaches me tuba in my first period class he is 17 an I’m 14 .so that’s the first problem.the second problem he has a girl friend.

so one day all goes one day i was really sad and my friend ask me to txt me what was wrong. so i did.and the txt said”i sad cuz i like *Guys name here* but he has a gf and i know its wrong”.so my friend had here phone on the desk when the guy i liked picked it up and read the txt and found out i liked him.and what makes it ten times worst.I see him and his gf  EVERY DAY.

Then 2 or 3 weeks latter something else happened.i had SI’d the night before.and so i was in the room we practice in with him and a few other people and he saw them and screamed “LET ME SEE” .I paniced and said no.then he stormed out of the room.

latter i lied to him and said i got hurt accidentally while playing around with a friend .he believed me.and now i feel horable .

What should i do should i tell him the truth?? plz comment.