My name is Ariana. Fourteen. I live in Mission Viejo, California and i’m a freshman in highschool. I honestly don’t know what to say…it’s kinda obvious why I’m here. I’ve been a self injuerer for about a year now. It’s a long and dramatic story of how it all started…but I pretty much got in a not-so-great relationship. I haven’t abused myself for four months now, aiming for six, but I still talk to my ex who kinda started the whole thing. It’s not that he did something terrible to me or anything, he was just a very depressed person while we dated which made me feel the same. He creates a lot of drama, as he abuses substances and, like I said, is seriously depressed. It’s making me depressed, as I know there is nothing I can do to help since he wants no help. Because of this, I have been seriously considering self injury again. I tell myself just one last time, but I know for a fact that it will only start all over again. I’m struggling not to, but as the days pass it becomes more difficult. I have a best friend who helps a great amount with my drama. He helped me stop for this length of time, and even made me want to dispose of my item of choice (which I did). We’ll call him Jim. The thing is…Jim and I were dating for these three past months, but I just woke up one morning and saw him as my best friend and nothing more. I told him this, and we broke up. He’s not taking it very well either, so I told him I would leave him alone for the time being. I heard kids at my school talking about “to write love on her arms,” so when I couldn’t go to Jim and went there, it led me here. I’m open to any advise to not self injure again.