im engaged. ill have been with my boyfriend for 2 & 1/2 years on christmas day. im 17 years old. im bisexual and going insane because of it. Ive SI’ed since 6th grade. Im a senior in high school now. I think it started because of a boy probably. I dont remember. I have big dreams. Im an artist and am currently applying at columbia college in chicago. my dream school. But, because of this stupid addiction, I’ve lost my best friend. She grew tired of being patient & i honestly cant blame her. I am very emotionally unstable and when people leave me like this…. guess what i run to. My boyfriend and I grew up together. He’s saved me one too many times. Im strong when it comes to everyone else, because I feel like God made me to put my weaknesses & insecurities aside and help the ones that need me instead. I keep everything inside. I want to stop doing this. Before I lose the person closest to me… I wana stop this more than I’ve wanted anything in the entire world.