We just discovered that our daughter has recently started SI-ing. She was confronted about it during an argument last night, and it has been a long, long night. We love and don’t want to judge her, but obviously we want her to overcome the pain that is causing this. Have spent the whole morning trying to understand what this is. She is a beautiful, smart, funny girl – but we moved 1.5 years ago to get her closer to an activity that she spends a lot of time in. New high school has not been welcoming.

We love her and want to help in any way we can, I just feel so despondent that she feels she cannot come to us with this. She has never liked to talk about emotional stuff, and now I feel she’ll close us out even more. We will do anything to help her get through this. It’s been helpful reading some of these posts, but perhaps those who are or have overcome this can offer us some advice.

Thank you