i try to hide.  my smile is all people see when i want someone to see me.  my friends dont do the things i need.  what is school today.  what am i making of the SIers? my friend deals me tools!!!  am i trully going insane.  why cant i stop?  you do i feel like a fake fish in a big sea.  i’m like a fish thats pretty but ends up eating you!!!  i need help.  who can help me?  i REFUSE to talk to a councler.  a hotline or even your school councler.  i ffel like a hyprocite i help my friends that injure but what do i do?  i help other people stop.  i cant help myself i’m a fake i’m in the darkness.  i cant see from the dark.  im still a Child of God but how do i stop?  i’m going into temptation.  i cant stop i know how to but i need some help.  how can i get it though?