Ok so i’ve told myself many times “im gonna quit si for good” and i am being completly serious when i say it but then the urges come back and things in life get screwed up so i end up always turning back to it……WHY?? It’s so frusterating when you promise yourself and your friends that your finally gonna stop once and for all but then you break. What’s even harder is having to lie to my parents all the time when they tell me that they’re proud of me for overcoming it when in reality im not even close to doing that. Many times i have wanted to tell them that i need help because i cant sstop but i chicken out because i dont want to face their dissapointment….why cant i just quit though, i should have enough self control shouldnt i?? if i wouldve known that i was going to get hooked and how badly si would screw up my life i would have never ever started in the first place..guess there no turning back now huh?