Yesterday was my last meeting with my counselor. I’m gonna miss her. I got a bad feeling about her replacement, but we’ll see. My old counselor gave me a card and I picked out a small, smooth, purple rock from a collection of hers that she replenishes now and then, and I think that she takes it around with her counseling. As I held it in the palm of my hand, I felt strength, hope, fierceness, and power. I thought that I lost it while I was Christmas shopping yesterday, but then I found it again. I think I must have left it at my dance school last night though, and I can’t look for it this morning because I’m at home, sick. I asked my best friend to look for it for me, and hopefully she’ll find it, or I’ll find it later. I’m already attached to it, even though I only got it yesterday. It’s not just a rock, it’s a hope, as well. I hope this makes sense to you guys.