Today i was called down to the guidance office and i had to ask someone where it is. When i got there my two friends that i had told about my si-ing were sitting there crying. My freind looked up at me and apoligized saying she loved me too much and that she would rather she lost my friendship than lose me. No i wasn’t mad at them but i definatly wasn’t jumping up and down thanking them for telling the guidance counciler. I sat down and stared straight ahead trying not to cry. the guidance counciler started talking to me and asking me questions while i nodded or shook my head. I was speechless. She told my friends that they had done the right thing and told them to leave and talked to me alone as i cryed my eyes out. she asked me tons of questions and had the nurse come to look me over. But the worst was that she called my mom to come and talk. I sat there waiting crying my eyes out for my mom to come. When she got there i had to repeat everything that i had said to my guiddance counciler to my mom. It Was Terrible.. I guess it might be better that my parents no so that maybe they can lay off me a bit but that was so hard to sit there and have my mom stare at me trying to understand how i was feeling