so i’ve been dealing with SI for 2 years now. i’ve gone through times where i’ll quit for a couple and months but then i’ll just end up doing it again. when i first started my mom found out because i told my bestfriend and she was scared so she told her mom and well you get the picture.  my mom saw them and said if she ever caught me doing it again she’d send me to a therapist. well i stopped then i started a few months later.  even if she did send me to a therapist i would only sit there…im not one for opening up about this stuff with just anyone.  well she hasnt found out that im still SIing.  It got really bad this past summer after i got my heartbroken and someone i was close to died.  i really regret doing this because i hate looking down and remembering everything. latley i’ve been doing better, but when i think about this person who crushed me i just break down and have that urge to SI. There have been days where i have seriously thought about ending it all. and so many nights i’ve cryed myself to sleep. the SIing iosnt bad anymore but i still have those times where i cant hold it in any longer and i break down.

But now my best friend has been doing it. she always makes up excuses for it but i know the truth.  im worried about her and shes young and its always opver a boy. i really hate seeing her like this. 2 years ago this person and i were some of the happiest people you could meet. she used to be always smiling. i used to be always smiling. but the past couple years have just been difficult. Sokme of my other friends have takin on SIing but only for attention it really irritates me because there hurting themselves:/