Hey. Here’s a poem about my best friend miscarrying.


When the tears run out,

And you feel so empty.

When they leave tracks down your cheeks,

And soap can’t erase them.

When you can’t grasp

The reality,

And it all just seems like a bad dream.

And when loss consumes you,

I know how you feel.

I feel your pain,

As you lie in your bed,

Waiting for your energy to return,

Because you feel so tired,

But the nightmares cloud your sleep.

I can taste your salt tears,

As the run down your face,

And I can feel your loss,

As you mourn the death

Of your unborn child.

When the tears lie

Behind your eyes,

And everything feels fake,

As you hide all of your pain.

When their laughter hurts,

Through the greatest depths of your heart,

Because you would give anything,

To feel their happiness.

When all the plans

That you had made,

When you had just come to terms

With the fact that you were pregnant.

When you love your baby

More than anything else,

In the entire world,

And it gets taken away from you,

And you are left with this Incredible loss.

I believe in meant to bes.

I believe that you were meant to become pregnant,

Because it gave you some valuable life experience,

And it taught you a valuable Lesson.

But I believe that you weren’t meant to be a mom,

Because I believe that you were meant to be,

A dancer.

But you are still left trembling, And shaking,

Out of control, With this Incredible Loss, Confusion, Disappointment, Despair, Agony, Depression, And sadness,

As it all gets taken away from you.

I hate this feeling,

Of loss.

But I will be there for you,

And you will be there for Me,

Through the Loss.

Let me know what you think. Thanks.