I came across this site while doing some research for a school project. I was asked to do a research paper and a presentation on an ‘uncommon addiction’. After a long while of thinking, I had decided to do my presentation on self-mutilation. To me, this really is an addiction. I’ve been injuring for about two years now, and I thought this was the perfect oppotunity to really reach out to my peers and show them that it actually is a very serious thing. In my school, injuring and other forms of self injuring are joked about and laughed at. I’m hoping I can really stretch out to my fellow students with this project. This website and this organization amazed me. I find it very inspirational, and very incouraging. Although I don’t plan to seek help for my problems, it is good to see that there are available places to go if someone does want help. I’m sure I’ll tell many people about this site. 🙂 It’s great.