Why does stuff happen??? I honestly dont even know how to deal with stuff anymore because it seems that if one bad thing happens to me then it turns into a snowball effect and things keep getting worse and worse. My family life sucks to put it bluntly. Things between my parents and me and my sister are sooooo crazy right now. They are adding all these new rules and even trying to kick my sister out of the house and if she leaves my world will be turned upside down. On top of that i just found out that one of my friends might have cancer and whenever i hear the word cancer i immediatly think death because soo many people that were close to me have died of that…so it scares me reall bad!!!!! She is like the coolest person i know…WHY IS THIS HAPPENING???? Ughh and then my basketball season just started an i lost my grandma last year to cancer and it’s hard to look up in the stands and not see her, to not be able to call her up afterwards to tell her how the game went or to meet her in the stands after the game and get a big hug as she tells me what i can improve on….(sigh) i miss her sooooooooo much. Im trying real hard not to si right now but its the only thing that feels good and i just want to get rid of all the pain. Why cant life just get easier?