I’ve been told for years, about 15 to be exact that staying positive is the key because life can’t get any worse than what it already is.  The last couple of months have really proven that theory wrong.  I know it’s everyones way of trying to keep my spirits up, but anymore I just consider it lying.  I know my life will never be good.  I know I will never be happy.  You telling me that I’ve hit rock bottom and can only improve from here on out does nothing but anger me more.  Sure, I appreciate the sentiment.  But when all anyone ever has to offer me are words of encouragement and no actual help, then please waste your time elsewhere.

Staystrong, I can 100% relate to what you’re describing of having a close friend turn their back on you.  I’m not condoning it, but because of people like that I choose not to have friends.  The bitterness I have is from the type of people you described in your post.

I know this is a depressing post, but if typing out my frustrations with life can distract me for a while from S.I. then that’s all that matters.