just out of a relationship and think I am in “love”….with a married woman…this is so crazy when i am away from her i feel so lonely, but could it be that i just want someone close i have been so lonely now for quite some time and I had such a good platonic time with her this weekend… now i am just lonely again now all i want to do is SI i need to just take care of myself but i am so afraid of being alone. Being alone is my greatest fear because i don’t want to grow old by myself but i can’t have a married woman either. i need to find someone that is as sure about their sexuality as i am about mine. i know i love women but i always go after the women that aren’t sure if they can love a woman CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! so i am not sure why i do the things i do. so tonight is a a night of struggle to stay SAFE all i ever wanted was for someone to love me as much as i love them and i just don’t know if that is meant to be. lonely and sad