Lately I feel like I’ve become annoying to my one of my best friends and usually I’m not I can go weeks…months without talking to my three best friends but this year my one best friend and I have a class together, which has led to a lot more talking, and while yes it’s good because were both going through stuff I feel like I’m becoming too annoying and she just won’t say anything. Does depression really make you crave to want to hang out with someone if you know that their going through stuff? Is it me knowing that she knows what this is like…she knows how this feels…blah blah blah is that why i sooooo badly want to hang out with her? Ughh I don’t know and I feel soooo horrible for annoying her sooo much but I can’t help it how do I explain that? Plus I pulled her into my problems friday night and just went off (about my mother) and I don’t know it felt nice for someone to care instead of going to sleep with it all on your mind. I feel horrible about that too but I also reasoned that she’s done it to me not that I mind…at all but I mean she was in tears with hers I wasn’t…does that make it less important should I not have said anything? How do I apologize for that too?!