I’m starting to understand that i self injure to distract myself from a lot of different things which i find unpleasant. I don’t know if that’s the only reason, but it’s certainly a big one. I’m thinking that by distracting myself from the truth, i’m really taking away whatever power i might have had in the situation, not gaining control (which is what i felt like i was doing by s.i.). By distracting myself from the truth, i’ve been diminishing my ability to change it, make it somewhat better, or at least understand it for what it is & deal with it. I haven’t s.i.ed in almost 2 weeks, but i didn’t understand why i needed to stop. This makes sense to me though. Not to mention the inherent health risks of s.i. and friends who want me to stop. This isn’t much, but maybe it’s a start. Then again, maybe not. I suppose time will tell.