This is a poem I wrote recently while I was in the hospital. I hope it doesn`t trigger anyone. If it does, I am sure the moderators won’t post it….

Shades of Gray & Blue

My body feels numb,
My mind is blank,
This depression envelops me,
and I cannot escape.

Too weary from fighting,
No end in sight,
What`s the point in living,
If this will forever be my life?

I can no longer see the sun,
It`s always blocked from my view,
I can only see the world around me,
In shades of gray & blue.

Feel like I’m breathing underwater,
No air left for me,
Can’t you see what`s happening?
Can`t you see I’m drowning?

The thoughts in my head
Go from a whisper to a scream,
And there’s no one to hear,
Except for me.

The medication numbs me,
Emotionally left blank,
There is a depression that has enveloped me,
And I fear I’ll never escape.