saturated with passive agressive stains,
streamed with pain and screaming hate,
“do you know how this feels?”
there’s a theme of self destruction in her tears,
some infliction of being afraid of losing it all that kills,
she’s nearing a turning point,
a hopeful end to all the shame,
asking to give away this numb, liquid-love assisted state, and bring…anything.
emotion at all would be a lovely gift,
motivation maybe to step away from the tool,
grab a hold of reality and live her life.
a chill empty heart,
reaks of the truth behind her eyes,
step into her world, invite the surprise,
there’s no death wish here, instead a will to survive,
a coping mechanism to just get by.
she can take on the whole world,
with a tool by her side,
releasing and relieving everything that’s inside,
escape from a fate that she can’t deny.
wouldn’t you love to know how this feels?