So. I’m hanging out with this guy who I really like on Sunday. But, that’s kinda taking the backseat right now. My best friend is pregnant. I’m scared for her, and I don’t really know what to do, and neither does she. We’re both dancers, and a baby would change her future as a dancer so much. I don’t want to bother her w my S.I. problems right now, because I know that she has a lot to deal with. But if any of you guys had any advice on her situation, it would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Here’s  a poem I wrote about her.


A girl caught up in a


A nightmare.

She wants to wake up.

It was just a regular Tuesday,

Until he stole from her

Her dignity,

Her dreams,

Her future.

Now she lives in fear,

Of the decisions she has to make

Sleepless nights,

Falling too fast.

Should she make the life

Inside of her


End it all before its too late?
No one would have to know.

It would be a secret burden,

A heartbreak that she hides.

Should she give it up?

Let somebody else

Raise the beauty growing inside of her,

And let them steal away all of the the memories,

That are just waiting to be made?

Should she

Let them steal away her future?

But at the same time,

Let them make it possible

For her to live her dreams.

Or should she embark,

On a stormy journey,

And brave the fierce winds,

And the torrential rain.

Should she embrace the future,

And the unchangeable past,

And make the memories



She has some decisions to make.

Once again, any advice would be appreciated. 🙂