so im new to this, but i S.I. it just happened last month& i really want to stop myself. theres a lot going on in my life right now& im so … lost under the pressure. i want help, but in a way i dont. my dads really sick, the doctors arent sure how to treat him, treatment is slow because insurance takes too long to approve of the treatments. my mom has to take care of him, shes pretty busy with that and i guess kinda stressed from it too. my brother(7) doesnt really.. know how to be quiet and respect my fathers needs so he bothers my mom, i want to help so i get annoyed with him then a fight starts and i just ruin things. my boyfriend broke up w/me when i needed him the most. he was my everything, we spoke of forever& ever. but hes changed, a lot. he’s not like the guy i once fell in love with or maybe.. he was always acting like a “playa”. everytime i hear something about him, i feel really .. sad. it makes me want to S.I. i miss him, i still love him. but i dont think he feels the same. he knows i S.I. because i told him. i want to trust him but i’m scared to. scared that hes only doing htis.. .. for i dont konw why. i am really working on not S.I. but. i cant control myself, help please?