In all reality I am a true optimist. I love life and know that it has so much to offer than where I am now. Although I have very amazing friends and my family means more to me than anything else in the world. School is okay, about the most boring thing on earth and drama happens as is expected but I try to be relaxed about everything, otherwise the stress builds up and I’m right back where I don’t want to be. I’m learning chinese and it’s such a beautiful language. I love it. I am a self-proclaimed word-nerd and am addicted to scrabble. I’m a freak about movies and music. I have dreams and goals that I’m looking forward to, I can’t wait until college. With my new mind-set, which uncludes warding off my destructive habit. I find it best to keep things positive at times like these. Thanks :).

p.s Poetry keeps me going so I’ll most likely be posting some of it.