2 days ago was my 5 month anniversary of not SI’ing. A few weeks ago it started getting alot harder for me to not do it. I had some rough times this summer that really tested me, but i never did it. Now, im getting really tempted again. Even though nothing really bad is going on in my life. I have alot of stresses but… Im no where near as upset as i used to get. My boyfriend and best friend are there for me and I know they are. They are telling me to just talk to them, to let everything out by talking. But it’s hard. I SI’ed for about 3 years. And now I really dont know how to cope with being upset normally. Injuring became the only thing that made me feel better. Now, without the instant gratification, its really really hard. I dont want to do it, but I’m beginning to… miss?… it. It was such a big part of me for so long. And now i just dont know how to cope normally. I feel like I need to SI even though i know i really dont. I dont know what to do.