I talked to someone today about SI and how I am struggling with it and they really opened my eyes.  It was like reality got to me. But it was really hard because during it they started to cry. It broke my heart. I am not only hurting myself, but I’m hurting those I care about. I felt horrible. AfterI told myself that I will fight through this and that I wouldn’t SI again, but I just got really frusterated, and I just about did. That makes me feel ashamed. It’s taking a lot of self control not to SI right now. I don’t want to let down any more people I care about. I want to get through this. It makes me really upset that I can’t stop. I haven’t even been doing it for very long. I don’t want to lose this battle, because I fear that if I don’t fight through it, something might happen. Something I’ll regret. It’s just so fruterating.