to write love on her arms day was today.

I was sick so i couldn’t see if people actually did it or not.

It means a lot. my friend knows about my S.I. and she participated. She S.I.’s too but she says she did it for me. Its nice to know how much people care about you even if you dont ask them to.

she found out on accident. Its not an easy thing to hide in high school. Especially from best friends and boyfriends (ex boyfriends now) to my knowledge 12 people know about my S.I. i only told 8. Its okay though. I can deal. They wont say anything i know it because they feel bad for me. they shouldn’t though. Its really none of their business. whatever. I was crying when she pulled me aside she didn’t yell at me. she didnt scold me. she understood. she empathized with me and just simply asked me why? which is an impossible question. after a while she took initiative and would make me talk everything out with her. It really helped. Its just nice to know that someone will listen and not judge you or tell others.

Honestly, if it wasn’t for her i would have given up by now.

I love you. thank you.