I told my mom the other day that I want to stop taking my depression and anxiety medicine. It just…stopped working. I’m miserable all the time, have no energy, get upset easily. I SI’ed a couple of days ago over something really stupid, but I just can’t control myself! My grades, although they have risen from last year when I was really bad, aren’t exactly where I want them to be. I have to get them up for college! There’s so much stress to do great. My parents still don’t know that I SI, and I’ll probably never find the guts to tell them. I showed my best friend the other day, so at least she’s here to support me, yet I still feel horrible. Like I’m lonely, like I’ll never fit in, like I’m ugly, like nothing will ever be good. Why can’t I just be normal, why can’t everything seem okay again? Ugh…. 🙁 Help, please!