I live in an apartment alone while going to school for Engineering and Theatre.

I live in an apartment alone because someone was supposed to move in with me. Someone was supposed to pay for half of this place. But someone was too scared to do anything with their life, to actually do what they promised, to do what they still claim that they want to do.

I work many jobs, a work-study that takes up a lot of time and stress. And random jobs on the side. Because said apartment costs me twice that I expected.

I go to classes because I want a nice job that will pay lots of money to make up for the massive amount that I pay for living here and going to school here. But I work too much to actually do better than average in my classes.

I eat chocolate and candy, and watch movies, and have some friends over for random hanging out time because I try to forget what has gotten me to this year. What has gotten to me living in an apartment alone, going to bed reading some book, and crying myself to sleep.

Because someone was afraid. Someone would rather blow off life, not do anything hard, not try anything new.

I hate this year because someone bailed on me.

Thanks someone.