I love to do art as well as dancing, and writing poems, etc., so I’ve decided to make canvases and jewelry and sell them to raise money for organizations battling self-injury, addiction, depression, and suicide. I thought that donating to twloha would be a good idea, but does anybody know about any other good organizations? Thanks. Here’s another poem.

Make a Change

Take a broken heart,

And try your hardest to put it back together.

Take some tears from the cheeks of a friend,

And dry them.

Capture screams of terror,

And devote yourself to making them into

Laughs of joy and pleasure.

Just make a change.

Give hope to those that are struggling,

Smile a truly genuine smile,

And laugh a truly genuine laugh.

Hold a friend who’s shaking,

And calm the violence of the world.

Just make a change.

Make a change,

Big or small.

Change your perspective on life,

Or change somebody else’s.

Remember everything that you’ve been through,

And use it in empathy,

As valuable life experience,

And as an extremely powerful motive,

To change the world.

But when you think about others,

It is easy to forget about yourself,

And what you need.

So always remember

That by helping others,

You can also help yourself,

But also, Always remember,

That there are people willing to help you, too.

Just make a change.

I hope that this was inspiring to all of you.

Make a change and stay strong!

Also, any ideas of organizations would be greatly appreciated! 😀