On my 13th birthday i couldnt believe i was going to be a teenager! I was so happy and excited! A few mouths past and I was getting depressed. I thought it was all about the growing up and having to strougle. But weeks past and it got wose. I was crying for no reason and i just felt like I didn’t belong in the world. I felt like everyone hated me.. I begain to hurt my self. I only thought it was the only soulution. My friends all called me Emo. I dont want to be emo. they didn’t know what was going on.. One of my best guy friends in the world didnt ever want to talk to me because I was so emotional. I felt alone. I finally told someone. which was my teacher. Shes was the only one I could count on. I told her all this, she told my guidence counselor. I totally understand that because I know she didn’t want me to get hurt. I begged the guidence counselor not to tell my parents and she didn’t. But she did tell me to talk to someone if this topic comes back in the summer.

 The next year for school I told myself, no hurtting and no crying. Well that didnt work. I didnt find peace. Rumors started flying by really quickly and this guy that i liked, started saying I was Fat & said everyone hated me. After a week later he told me he was kidding. But I sure wasnt laughing… Lots of boy drama, grades dropping, and lose of friends. I wish everone could understand. But I guess it seems like a blur to my closest friends. I hope I get better soon. I just think of Happy thoughts. Like,.. how im lucky to be in this world, have a best friend that has my back 24/7. and how my boyfriend that cares about me. I just don’t know hope to stop. any advice?

Thanks you for reading.