ok so yeah i posted somthing like 2 weeks ago but here goes to make this story short, here it goes. about 4 years ago my grandparents took me little by little. thenn my mom took me home i had so much hate. when i was with my grandparents my grandpa would massage me i dont know if it was sexuall or dont soo know im having flash backs and i dont know if its a dream or not. also when i was there i missed my family so much.  i self ingured. then my mom took me back and i started SI even worse. then lately i have been haveing flashbacks and stuff. and it’s really hard. and i try to bring up the convo with my mom but she just pushes it aside. and constansly my grandpa and my grandma come over alll the time.. my mom wont get me a therpist. oh im 12 and yeah please help me or refur me too somthing.. thank you