One day I hope they’ll see
This is a sad part of me
Their hearts I do not mean to break
I do it for my soul’s sake

I want to smile, and often do
Except for when I think of you
Your coldness chills me still
And takes away me sense and will

I sit in crowds, yet feel alone
Waiting for the rest of me to come home
My heart and mind feel scattered
Picking up all the pieces that shattered

I ache, I hurt, I feel
The pain is so surreal
I wish you could see
How tortured you have made me

I want to start a new life
Have children and be a wife
But its hard to have a clear view
When I live in fear of you

I don’t see an end to my plight
And am losing the will to fight
I see your face, hear your laugh
It takes my breath and makes me gasp

You are long gone
And I know you thrive
It seems so wrong
That I struggle to be alive